Easy steps to Kompass to Australia

Follow the guide below to begin your education journey to Australia.

Step 1 - Understand Australia's Education system, cities and culture

To know more about Australia's education system and its quality, its vibrant cities and scenic beauty and the great lifestyle it offers, click on the icons below.

Step 2 - Choosing your course, school and city

Click below to shortlist a course, university and city that suit your needs, or simply contact us. We will find use our university matcher to find the best match for you based on your academic results, cultural preferences and professional goals.

Step 3 - Assess the costs

Speak with one of our education experts who will prepare a realistic estimate of the cost of your education so that you can plan your funds in advance.

Step 4 - Make an Application through Kompass

Once you have figured your eligibility for your desired course and university, and assessed the costs, we will make a comprehensive and effective application highlighting your strengths and accomplishments to universities on your behalf to maximize your chances of selection and receiving an offer letter.

Step 5 - Apply for visa

On receipt of your Confirmation of Enrolment, Kompass will go ahead with applying for your student visa through our visa experts.

Step 6 - Plan your departure

Kompass will also guide you on the best travel options for you and arrange foreign exchange at the best possible rates.

Step 7 - Farewell party

You will get to attend an information session to equip you on your student life in Australia. Amongst other things, we will guide you on opening an Australian bank account, getting a mobile phone connection, finding part-time work and getting your Tax File number (TFN).

Step 8 - Board the plane

You are all set to board the plane now!!

Do not forget to let us know about your experience in your new country. We would still be there to address any challenges you may face via our Post-landing support system.

Did we tell you, all our services are completely free !!
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